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    J. Bon Jovi
    I just seen trouble
    He's calling out your name tonite
    Billy get your guns
    You could walk away
    But I know you were born to fight
    So Billy get your guns
    The bandileros are strung out
    In the promenade
    Billy get your guns
    And the wind whispers softly
    That the devil's to blame
    Billy get your guns
    Billy get your guns
    There's trouble blowing like a hurricane
    Billy get your guns
    That's the price on your head for the
    Price of fame
    And it'll never change
    Billy get your guns
    There's a whiskey bottle empty
    Sittin' on the bar
    Billy get your guns
    And some organ grinder singing
    About some sucker moving on
    Billy get your guns
    All the whores are hanging out
    Waiting to get paid
    Billy get your guns
    From some Johnny on the spot
    Who said hey keep the change baby
    They christened you with whiskey
    And there's fire running through your veins
    Well you're an outlaw just the same
    And every night a bullet wears your name
    I've seen hangman dancing
    Beneath the pale moonlight
    Billy get your guns
    And every stranger that you meet
    Thinks it's his lucky night
    Billy get your guns
    I don't envy you Billy
    But I want to say
    You better get your guns
    'Cause every outlaw that's died
    Will live to ride again
    Billy get your guns

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